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Our WordPress hosting features


We optimized for speed. Customers has seen website with loading speed of 3 seconds. Fast sites delivers better experiences leading to happier more engaged customers & visitors.


With preemptive security, our systems protects your websites against zero-day attacks, identifies attacks in real time & blocks potentially malicious executions automatically with zero latency.


Using a virtualized, per-user file system that uniquely encapsulates each customer, we make sure that no single tenant can cause issues for all other tenants on the server. No bad neighbors or experience.


Our systems will automatically update your site with or without any effort on your part to the latest version of your app, whenever a new version is released so you can stay updated and secure.


Security is a top priority for Google and Chrome now require HTTPS for sites. Your website or blog comes with a free CA validated SSL so you can protect your visitors and your site with an SSL certificate.


We religiously back up your website to the region where your data is located. If anything goes wrong, just ask us to restore your website to a specific point in time or for a backup copy of the data anytime.