Whether you are a blogger, a business owner or a web designer or a web developers or a web agency, you can get a reliable shared hosting that is twice as fast as anything you have ever seen or used before

Launch your website in minutes with 1-click. Select either North Virginia, Oregon, Canada, Singapore, Frankfurt, Tokyo or Hokkaido data-center to host your application or website.

We provide a free CA validated SSL/TLS certificate, Cloudflare Protection and CDN, 1-click website installation or script installer with over 410 great scripts and over 12 regions where you can host your website.

Try us out today and see the difference a modern hosting infrastructure can make.



Low-cost web hosting package crafted for websites just starting out.

  • 1 core processor
  • 1 GB memory
  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • file manager access
  • free ca validated ssl certificate


Medium-sized hosting package for websites that have gained traffic.

  • 1 core processor
  • 2 GB memory
  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • sftp/ssh access
  • free ca validated ssl certificate


Hosting package designed for larger websites with sizable website traffic.

  • 2 core processor
  • 2 GB memory
  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • sftp/ssh access
  • free ca validated ssl certificate



Search engines loves speed. CMS hosted on our servers are lightning-fast compared to other hosting platforms out there. We accomplish this using specialized technology and database systems optimized for CMS hosting.


Wee provide the simplest way to instantly install and effortlessly manage and keep apps updated. This gives you the ability to focus on using your website rather than spending time installing or upgrading applications.


Beyond performance optimization, we have taken necessary precautions for your website security and that includes a 3-layer web application firewall, malware detection & more.


Our systems automatically updates your site with or without any effort on your part to the latest version of your application whenever a new version is released so you can stay updated/secure.


There are dime-in-a-dozen hosts out there. But does it really worth it to pay that less & then get your website packed with 2000 other customers? Get a premium kind of experience tailored for you.


We automatically back up your website data and offers other ways to backup your data. If anything goes wrong, just ask us to give you a copy of your backup. And data restoration free.

Web Hosting FAQs

Your pricing seems a little more higher than other providers.

There is a saying that goes like, you get what you paying for. Yes, there are thousands of nickel and dime hosting providers out there looking for their next victim. But the truth is that we don't want you to face the same horror that some of our customers who moved to our platform encountered before they started looking for a solution. And if you are looking for the cheapest web host to build your business on or to run your WordPress site, it isn't really such a great idea.

Beyond providing a secure, stable, super-fast servers for your websites, we also take the website administration work out of your hands so you can focus entirely on your business as a business owner or development as a web developer or writing great contents as a blogger instead of updates and maintenance.

When you compare the benefits you get from us with what you are paying for, you will agree that you are getting more than your money worth. I mean .. look at it. Faster website, fewer tenants to share the server with, top-notch 24 hrs support, while these might cost a few dollars mores, we think they totally worth every penny. And ... our customers agree with this.

Which payment methods do you accept?

This entirely depends on what is convenient for you. We accept the following payment methods: credit/debit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and JCB), PayPal. We also accept Bank Transfers, Wire Transfers, Western Union, Mail-in Check for orders above $1000.00 from North American and Japan based companies.

If are unable to find a payment method that suits your individual need, please let us know so we can find a way to address that as soon as possible.

What differentiate OCS Hosting from other web hosting providers?

We differentiate ourselves in many ways. Not only will you get a 21st century hosting platform totally different from the legacy systems you see with most web hosting providers, we do provide a real live customer support via live chat, phone, email ticketing right from your customer portal. You get dedicated support representative that you can reach during our business hours and a great support team whenever you need help.

We do not run ads on any website on our platform, work every minute off the day to ensure that your website and data are hosted on fast, optimized and secure web servers and stand by every word of our guarantee. We provide all the tools and features you need to make your website great and also have made it possible for you to host your website in your own region.

What support is available to me?

As an account holder, you are entitled to a 24 hrs hosting support depending on the package you choose. If you using our Prime package, you will also get a dedicated support representative that you can reach whenever you want at anytime of the day or any day of the week. We also provide an extensive help section with great tutorials, hosting video tutorials and self-help materials.