Start your own web hosting company with our Linux reseller hosting services. Quickly and easily offer web hosting to your customers and begin generating profit. With our dedicated support team backing you all the way, multiple geographic locations to choose from, free server monitoring, free migrations, it couldn’t be more easier. Once your account created, you can login to your root admin control panel as reseller and set up your own hosting space.

And wait, there is more. Our reseller hosting plan gives you complete control over every aspect of your hosting business, from resource allocation to payment methods and what (if any) additional services you choose to provide your clients (domains, SSL certificates, etc.).

Even as a customer, we can convert your existing accounts into a reseller accounts and also as a hosting reseller, we can downgrade your account into a customer account whenever you decide that offering hosting services isn't something you want to do anymore. Want to hand over your reseller account to another person, we can move such reseller account from you the owner, to the account you want to.




low-cost reseller hosting package

  • 120GB disk space
  • 60000MB monthly bandwidth
  • 30 hosted accounts
  • sftp & ssh access
  • free SSL certificate


medium reseller hosting package

  • 240GB disk space
  • 120000 MB monthly bandwidth
  • 70 hosted accounts
  • 1 dedicated IP addresses
  • free SSL certificate


large reseller hosting package

  • 500GB disk space
  • 240000 MB monthly bandwidth
  • unlimited hosted accounts
  • 1 dedicated IP addresses
  • free SSL certificate



Each Reseller account comes with a Dedicated Account Manager that serves as a direct link between us and you. You can wake him or her at 03:00 am, ask him for suggestions, advise or help with anything related to your business or hosting account and get the same awesome support.


We know that even the most experienced web administrator can under or overestimate the resources his customer need for their websites to function properly. That's why our reseller hosting packages are designed to seamlessly give you more resources when you need it automatically.


The servers we are using for our Resellers are basically single-tenant VPS-like environment but without the ability to add custom modules. There are just 8 resellers per 8 CPU 15GB RAM server on highly available and reliable storage volumes capable of 10,000 IOPS & 160 MB/s of throughput.


Ours is a web hosting platform built for and on the cloud. When start reselling via our platform, you take advantage of a reliable, high-performance and secure computing infrastructure that enables you to achieve maximum performance, throughput and availability at low cost.


Our Linux reseller hosting plans are crafted to give you tools to quickly and easily offer web hosting to your customers and begin generating profit without hitting any limit without breaking the bank. You get literally everything you need to offer solid hosting service and support to your customers.


The varying combinations of latest generation CPU, memory, storage, and our networking capacity gives you a hosting infrastructure that not only scale your customers resources to the requirements of their target workload, but also provides higher availability and/or lower latency.