We understand that for most businesses, email is a mission-critical application. Our email hosting for small business is an easy, effective and affordable option for businesses that need reliable email service, but don't want to pay for expensive equipment and a full-time IT staff. As your email hosting provider, we eliminate the need to manage your own hardware or software, and handle tasks like system upgrades and data backups for you.

While our web hosting packages comes with email hosting as default, we also serve customers who doesn't need to host a website but are very protective of their privacy and want to control every aspect of it which includes their own unique mail domain. Our email hosting is built to guarantee your privacy at rest or in transit in such a way that no-one can read, sell or scan your email content for advertising purposes or glean any information from the private communications you are having with your loved ones.

Not only that we place the greatest value on security and availability, we’ve struck just the right balance between a feature-rich outgoing mail server delivery solution, an easy-to-use dashboard interface, and an even easier setup. You can select from one of our highly secure data centers around the world where you want to host your email and your data never leave that region. For businesses, it means meeting data regulatory requirements and for private individuals, a relief that no-one can summon your email record without running against a brick-wall. Select a mail hosting package below to start and get the best email service for your small business.




email hosting for individuals or for family use at a terrific price.

$46.68/ per year
  • 5GB disk space
  • 1GB monthly bandwidth
  • 10 email accounts
  • free SSL certificate


ideal e-mail hosting package for SMBs, professionals & medium-sized offices

$90.00/ per year
  • 60GB disk space
  • 10GB monthly bandwidth
  • 500 email accounts
  • free SSL certificate


enterprise-level email service with extended capacity at an unbeatable price.

$290.16/ per year
  • 120GB disk space
  • 25GB monthly bandwidth
  • unlimited email accounts
  • free SSL certificate



Our security model is an end-to-end process that focused on keeping customers safe & built on over years of experience and we have controls and practices to protect the security of customer information.


Our automated security system is always on watch. As incoming emails rolls by, it automatically scanned for viruses, worms and trojans via live updates and responds immediately to current security risks as defined.


Whether you're sending less than 100 emails or as many as 100 million messages per day, our fast and fully managed email hosting servers are designed to automatically scale when you need them.


You are in good company as with many other satisfied customers who long have relied on our team to get your emails delivered right – and reliably – each and every time.


There are dime-in-a-dozen hosts out there. But does it really worth it to pay that less & then get your website packed with 2000 other customers? Get a premium kind of experience tailored for you.


We automatically back up your email data and offers other ways to backup your data. If anything goes wrong, just ask us to give you a copy of your backup. And data restoration free.