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Delivering reliable, scalable & cost-effective hosting service.

OCS Hosting & Domain Services is the web hosting arm of TECPRESSO INC, a Japan and US technological company.

As cPanel official partner, OCS Hosting & Domain Services provides web hosting (and related services) to businesses, developers, and web hosting resellers.

As a team, we strive to serve customers better and to be more responsive to the business’s strategic priorities. We know that if we offer products of better quality, higher availability, our customers will choose us instead of our competitors.

We work each day to stay ahead of the curve & position ourselves so to serve businesses of tomorrow.


State-of-the-art networking practices defines our global data-center network. Each region is designed to offer customers the ability to operate production applications that highly available, fault tolerant and scalable.


OCS Hosting & Domain Services offers one of the best price/performance ratio in the web hosting industry.

Whether you are a global business looking for a secure platform to your applications or a small business owner looking for a fully loaded web hosting plan on a budget, we provide you with everything you need.

Ours is a simple, customer-friendly predictable pricing without lock-in contracts and yet let you build, run, and scale applications without breaking a sweat.

We really offer some serious savings right there when you run on our platform & backed by a guaranteed 99.95% SLA.

It means scalability, 100% faster upgrade time.


Hosting on our platform means taking advantage of a global computing infrastructure built to run like a dream.

It means hosting on a hosting infrastructure built from day one on the cloud and for the cloud.

It means an end-to-end security model that secures your data at rest or in transit.

It means hosting on an architecture designed to be one of the best-in-class.


We accord security the highest priority and have put in place strong safeguards to help protect our customer reputation & data.

This include both physical, operational, and software measures.

As a customer, you will benefit from systems built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.


Business success is all about growth and expansion. That's what success is all about.

As your business grows, we'll be right here to make recommendations to keep your environment at peak performance.


You don't have to go it all on your own. With a customer team in the United States and Japan, we offer 24/7 English & Japanese customer service. and behind the scene, we work to ensure that your server is always online, secure, available at all times.


We are at core a Japanese company.

It means that customers could expect the same white-gloved, personalized experience that our culture in known for.

We may not always get it right. But we do try our best to ensure that your experience is second to none.

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