OCS Hosting Service is one of the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted hosting platform offering services from more than 12 data centers around the world.

We aim to provide you with the best web hosting platform and these, along with other great unwritten reasons is why you choose us.


Despite our relatively humble beginnings, OCS Hosting Service has grown to be the worldwide leader in cloud hosting computing that even a space agency in Japan, web designing agencies and business around the globe uses our services.

Each of these customers with their unique needs needed regions or data-centers that will offer low latency, high throughput, and highly redundant networking.

And that is exactly what we delivered.


Hosting your application or website with us means getting access to blazing fast servers built for flexibility, pure performance and a 21st century network that is built to meet the needs of a modern era. We provide fully isolated shared hosting accounts, VPS or bare-metal dedicated servers.

No shared resources, and no noisy neighbors meaning you get more bang for every buck of compute. Our passion is building and maintaining the absolute best hosting infrastructure platform on the planet, not upselling you into a variety of unnecessary services.


Successful, growing, systems often see an increase in demand over time. A system that is scalable can adapt to meet this new level of demand.

For example, suppose your web application gets featured on a popular website like ProductHunt.

Suddenly, thousands of visitors are using your website. The question is, can your infrastructure handle the traffic?

Having a scalable web application ensures that it can scale up to handle the load and not crash.

OCS Hosting Service cloud lets you iterate, experiment, and innovate quickly through our huge global cloud infrastructure. To leverage scalability, we can easily manage the workload increase by allocating the resources based on the demand within minutes.


We are very passionate about technology. We believe in its power to make our world a better place. And that is why each day, we strive to meet your expectation and hope as our customers. It is about providing you with the best web hosting platform available on the web, a place you can truly call home.

It is about being able to see the challenges that you are struggling with and then work much harder, get more creative, and search more diligently for solutions. When we are hiring, we’re always looking for people around the world who have strong product knowledge, friendly attitude, and enjoys helping others.


OCS Hosting Service is a durable and secure technology web hosting platform. To ensure the safety and integrity of your data, our data centers and services have several layers of physical and operational security. OCS Hosting Service also conducts regular audits to ensure its infrastructural security.

We have also implemented best practices to ensures the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your data and provides end-to-end privacy and security.