As humans, we love to communicate and most of it is grounded in cooperative and shared intentions. We communicate to request help, to inform others, and to share attitudes as a way of bonding.

And never in human history has fortune so smiled on us than the age that we are currently living in. We now have the internet which despite its imperfections, was and still is a gift from the gods.

This need, this innate human desire to reach out to others is mostly what drove the birth and adoption of blogging as a means of reaching these ends.

Not only has it given us the tools to bridge huge divides, it has also made it a possible that anyone, anywhere can have a voice. A voice to say what they care most about. A voice to share their perspective with the rest of the world. A voice to change things they believe need to be changed.

So when you ask, "What is a blog?". The answer should simply be that a blog is that special place online where you can express yourself, share your thoughts, experiences, passions and it can be anything you want it to be.



Anyone can say something. The world doesn't lack in fools. But it takes a well-tuned mind to say something useful.

Everyday, millions of blogs comes online. 90% of these withers within six months, 7% struggles to gain traction and 3% of these, may be what folks will describe as a successful blog in a year or two.

The difference is simply that those that survived, are writing about something they are passionate about and this can be seen in the way they write. You can see it in the discipline, the sacrifices they put themselves through to keep the content of their blog fresh and useful to their readers.

  • do not write just for writing sake.
  • figure out what you really care about
  • decide what kind of value you want to offer to your readers that others don't.
  • know why you want to write about it
  • understand the niche; every aspect of it.


Now that you have figured out and decided on what you want to write about, it is time to take one of the most important decisions.
This decision will be based on two things:

  • am I writing for a specific niche or
  • am I just expressing my personal views on things.

If the later, your name can be "Moguwallabalata" and people will still find you.
If the former, then you need a domain name that aptly reflects that particular subject or niche.

There are several tools that can help you narrow down what your domain name should be called including Google AdWords: Keyword Planner or Bing - Keyword Research Tool or to find out how many people are looking for in that niche.

Once you have done that, you have a fairly good chance of picking a winning domain name. Then use a domain name availability checker to know whether it is available and at what price.



Once you completed the above, have found and purchase a domain name, it is now time to get a webspace. This is because your domain name needs a home from where you and your readers will access it online.

Below, you will see 3 web hosting packages that fits almost every budget. These hosting packages are designed in a way that whenever you outgrows one, you can step into the next bigger package effortlessly.

With these, you can create a blog in minutes and self-host it with the best blog hosting service online.

With our blog hosting:

  • you can focus on using blog application rather than spending time on installing them
  • install, back up your website, database and updates with just a click of a button
  • install and manage your blog in your own language
  • get SEO tools that will help encourage search engines to find you

From WordPress blog hosting to other free blog makers, we provide you an optimized blog hosting platform that is 2-3 times faster than any other host out there.



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a low-cost web hosting package built for small websites.

  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • file manager access
  • 2 databases
  • ca validated ssl certificate



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perfect web hosting package great for SMBs and hobbyists.

  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • sftp/ssh access
  • 25 databases
  • ca validated ssl certificate



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great for e-commerce stores, web developers, designers or agencies.

  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • sftp/ssh access
  • unlimited databases
  • ca validated ssl certificate



Our GRAV hosting features


We optimized for speed. Customers has seen website with loading speed of 3 seconds. Fast sites delivers better experiences leading to happier more engaged customers & visitors.


Beyond performance optimization, we have taken necessary precautions for your GRAV security and that includes a 3-layer web application firewall, malware detection & more..


Using a virtualized, per-user file system that uniquely encapsulates each customer, we make sure that no single tenant can cause issues for all other tenants on the server.


Our systems automatically updates your site with or without any effort on your part to the latest version of GRAV whenever a new version is released so you can stay updated and secure.


Security is a top priority for Google and Chrome now require HTTPS for sites. Your GRAV account comes with CA validated SSL so you can protect your visitors and your site with an SSL.


We automatically back up your website data and offers other ways to backup your data. If anything goes wrong, just ask us to give you a copy of your backup. And data restoration free.