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Find out the reason why millions has come to make cPanel their hosting control panel of choice. Get free web hosting & email hosting with cPanel, web hosting most reliable and most intuitive control panel ever with a CPANEL hosting trial.

Our hosting trial allows you to evaluate our services to see if they fit your needs. There is absolutely no obligation on your part to continue using any of the offered services after the trial period has expired.

Once the trial has concluded, we will contact you and ask if you wish to continue. If you don't, we will cancel the trial and your data deleted.

Experience better reliability, performance and scaling for your web sites and web applications today.

Try it out today and see why thousands of businesses, web developers and professionals calls OCS Hosting home.

Your rights as a hosting customer:

24 hrs Hosting Support

We pride ourselves on a world-class support team certified by AWS, Google, cPanel, Plesk and Red Hat & available to you 24/7. This teams provides you with the expertise to help your business, products and services thrive on our platform.

Stability & Security

Each hosting account on our servers, is 100% isolated from the next one. It means that nothing that your neighbor does, affects your website in anyway or form. We also limit the number of customers on each server to just 1/5 of its capacity.

Cloud Based Hosting

Both resilient and scalable, our cPanel & Plesk cloud hosting enables you to deploy easily scalable websites that grows as your business need grows. Migration from one hosting package or from one region to another takes minutes, not hours or days.


We have done a good job balancing usability, efficiency, security and excellent uptime with pricing. It is now easier for you & your business to get a feature-rich, premium web hosting backed by a great 24 hrs customer service quickly and effectively

Super-Fast Servers

Speed is a feature, and latency makes or breaks your user experience. Our hosting platform automatically & optionally rewrites and optimize resources on your web site to improve the security and speed of your visitors browsing experience.

High-Performance VMs

Deliver your customer's web experience on a fast, scalable high performance virtual machines in a highly reliable hosting environment that offers a whooping Service Level Agreement commitment of 99.95% availability. No downtimes or slowdowns.


One Click Website Installation

Whatever app you want to use, we provide the simplest way to instantly install and effortlessly manage and keep it updated. This gives you the ability to focus on using your website and applications, rather than spending time installing or upgrading them.

softaculous 1-click apps installer