Can I deposit money into my OCS Hosting billing account?

We know that there are times you might want to deposit money in advance to ensure that nothing happen to your account.

For example if you are about to place a number of orders, or going on holiday and want to make sure that your website is online during your absence.

Beyond getting credits for any over-payments you made on invoice which is then add to your credit balance so it can be applied to any invoices you receive from us, you can also fund your account and our system will take payment from there instead of sending you those pesky emails.

To add funds, please first need to login to the client area.

Then click the "Add Funds" link on the client area homepage.

From there, you can then enter the amount you want to add, which can be anything between the minimum of USD30 and maximum of USD100.00 per transaction.

Then choose a payment method and to be taken to the gateway to pay

Please note that you cannot use the added funds until you have at least one active order in your account.

Once you have added this fund to your account and then place any new orders, the credit will be automatically applied to them and our system will mark the invoices paid instantly on checkout.

You can also ask us to apply credit from your available balance to outstanding invoice(s).

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