60% of our engineering team are hard-core gamers. We understand what a gaming server needs based on experience. We know that that at those sacred play moments, you need all the edge you can get including a robust gaming anti-DDoS that is constantly active and provides two-way mitigation (incoming and outgoing traffic) while keeping your play seamless even if under attack.

We know you need speed and that's why our game servers are configured with the fastest and latest over-clocked processors we could find capable of increasing its frequency to up to 4,4GHz for better gaming performances.

Focus on the game. Take advantage of servers configured by gamers that will provide you with the best value for money at no extra cost. THIS PRODUCT IS STILL BEING TESTED INTERNALLY AND WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ORDERING SOON.

Select A Docker Game Server Built For Gamers

Call Of Duty 4

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Perfect game server plan for beginners

  • TeamSpeak Included
  • Price Match
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Instant Setup
  • High Quality Network


Battlefield 3

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Reliable low-cost game server plan

  • Hundreds Of Maps
  • Unlimited Players
  • 40GB RAM
  • Clanforge CP
  • 24/7 Support


Counter Strike 1.6

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Advanced game server package

  • Premium Network
  • DNS Fall-back
  • 10 CPU Cores
  • 20GB RAM
  • Worldwide



Our game server features


All aspects of our virtual servers are fully customizable. Upgrade or downgrade your resource allocations, select your operating system, even stipulate the level of managed services that you need with incredible granularity.


Hourly, resource-based billing, so you only pay for the computing resources that your organization actually uses and nothing more. Spin resources up and down in a moment’s notice to manage your costs actively.


We guarantee tohat you will be online in 5 minutes or less by a solid customer Bill of Rights SLA. In practice, our average virtual server deployment time was just over 90 seconds.


We take a do it yourself approach, actively work to ensure reliability and publish guides for customers to get the best out of our platform. But we are always there when you need help and can even take over if you want us to.


Enjoy the tranquil peace of mind knowing your data is protected and secured. Every server we deploy is secured and comes with advanced security features to your devices, such as DDoS mitigation and anti-virus protection by just asking.


Unleash the power of cloud hosting with native SSDs, a 40Gbps network and more. Our infrastructure is connected to each other with fast, private fiber-optic networking, enabling you to easily architect applications without interruption.


Awesome Great Games

Choose from and install the best games without touching a code.