We provide a special kind of web hosting for that special kind of customer who really .... want the best.

With our hosting, you gain access to a Linux cloud web hosting twice as fast as anything you have ever experienced before, beautiful control panels with intuitive graphical interface, ready-to-code environment and powerful extensions.

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Our hosting features


We optimized for speed. Customers has seen website with loading speed of 3 seconds. Fast sites delivers better experiences leading to happier more engaged customers & visitors.


Beyond performance optimization, we have taken necessary precautions for your WordPress security and that includes a 3-layer web application firewall, malware detection & more.


Using a virtualized, per-user file system that uniquely encapsulates each customer, we make sure that no single tenant can cause issues for all other tenants on the server.


Our systems automatically updates your site with or without any effort on your part to the latest version of whenever a new version is released so you can stay updated and secure.


Security is a top priority for Google and Chrome now require HTTPS for sites. Your account comes with CA validated SSL so you can protect your visitors and your site with an SSL certificate.


We automatically back up your website data and offers other ways to backup your data. If anything goes wrong, just ask us to give you a copy of your backup. And data restoration free.