You may not have not have realized it but OCS Hosting do provide two great, easy-to-use website builders that you can use to build any kind of website ...  literally.

Beyond SitePad that we provide via our 1-click application installer. we also do provide Weebly.

Both are powerful drag and drop website builders with guided set up that can get you to the finish line faster even with no website coding skills.

Normally, customers can start using Weebly from our cPanel control panel and also via our billing system.

This has changed a bit as the only way you can do that now on new servers is via the billing system.

Customers on Tokyo and Ishikiri servers, for now, can still also do this via the control panel but this will also change soon.

Moreover, when you log in to your customer dashboard, you will observe that the service is now highlighted more prominently.

To learn more about Weebly, visit

To use Sitepad, just log in to cPanel, visit the Software section and click on Softaculous.

Once the page loads, look at the upper-left and you will see Sitepad.

From here, you can either get started or view the available plans.

To go back to your cPanel, just click the "cP" symbol on top.

If you run into any issue or error, please do let our customer support team know and we will surely help you sort it out.

Thank you.

Monday, April 9, 2018

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