• Monday, April 9, 2018

We recently removed the Cloudflare availability via the billing system.

The reason is that the present version of the module that Cloudflare team has, is not compatible with our billing system and there is no set date for an update to be released.

It means that until a new version is released, you will no longer see it as part of the order process not can you be able to run the integration from the customer dashboard.

Our team and Cloudflare are working on a new version and will announce when it's released.

If you are presently using Cloudflare, the cPanel plugin though is working and will continue working as intended.

If you want to use to use Cloudflare, please log in to cPanel and scroll down to the "Security" section.

From there, you will have the option of registering for new Cloudflare account and linking the domain you want to use, to Cloudflare global CDN.

If the website or domain you want to use has been previously linked to Cloudflare, please do contact the Cloudflare team before initiating the process.

You can also remove the domain from the old account and this will allow you to add it to another account and steps are included below.

To remove the domain from the old account:

1. Login to the Cloudflare account that the domain was originally added to.

2. Go to Settings for the domain.

3. Go to DNS settings.

4. Remove the connection to the hosting provider using the red button.

We also really would appreciate if you let us know any issue that you may have with Cloudflare integration as that would help our engineers serve you and other customers better.

Just send us a mail or open a ticket any time you run into anything you think is odd.

Thank you so much for being part our the OCS hosting family.