• Thursday, May 7, 2020

It is time to switch to the new OCS Hosting Service Managed DNS set.


  •  # ns1.ordercloudserver.com
  •  # ns2.ordercloudserver.com
  •    # ns4.ordercloudserver.com
  •      # ns5.ordercloudserver.com


NEW NS (effective date immediately):

  • ns1.mydnsnode.com  #
  • ns2.mydnsnode.com  #
  • ns3.mydnsnode.com  #
  • ns4.mydnsnode.com  #


Host Objects: Please update NS

If you have Host Objects pointing to old name-server set, you need to update them at once.

To ensure continuous operation, we strongly recommend that you read the previous email regarding this that was sent to you before.


To check your current set, use:

dig commands for Linux and Mac:

$ dig ns $domain_name.com +short


nslookup command for Windows:

c:\> nslookup $domain_name.com


After May 10th, 2020, the old name-servers will stop working.

Customers using Cloudflare, Dyn or other DNS providers doesn't need to make these changes.


This is strictly for customers using *ordercloudserver.com related name-servers which will stop working after May 10th, 2020:

Please visit https://status.ordercloudserver.com/ and subscribe with your billing account registered email address for real-time incidents, upcoming scheduled maintenance alerts and/or even service downtime details.

The service is 100% FREE and with it, you can plan ahead.